Shaman's Dream Quartz with Green Chlorite and Kaolinite, 694g, Highest Grade, Water Clear Aesthetic Garden Quartz, Minas Gerais, Brazil W282

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Here is a spectacular Shaman's Dream Quartz from our personal collection!

Shaman's Dream Quartz is a name given to extremely high-grade Quartz found in Gouveia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, that contain incredible inner landscapes, made from natural inclusions of Lodolite, Green Chlorite, Kaolinite, and other natural earth elements. The combination of these elements create a powerful healing energy and and stunning inner landscapes that often look like mossy underwater gardens. These crystals are powerful "anchors" during shamanic journey work, and facilitate connections to both nature spirits and angelic entities.

From our personal collection comes one of the finest of the fine Shaman's Dream Quartz we've offered here! This is a large crystal, weighing 1.5 pounds (694g) in a broad formation. It possesses spectacular, water-clear clarity and glassy luster. It is this exceptional clarity that allows us to peer inside and view all the mossy Green Chlorite and snowy white Kaolinite inclusions within.

This crystal has a very cool Growth Interrupted termination area that is entirely natural, and features more of the snowy Kaolinite inclusions that we see inside the crystal, this time on the exterior, like a snow-capped mountain. What's also very special is that we can see some sparkling rainbows on the right and front side of the crystal in the right light (see Photo 1).

A stunning aesthetic piece that sits beautifully on its naturally flat base for display.

Approx 3.5" T x 3" W x 3" D
Weight: 694g (1.5 pounds)


Kaolinite is one of the most powerful minerals for cleansing and detoxification of heavy energies from both the physical and auric bodies. Kaolinite helps in the development of clairaudience and in communication with the spiritual and angelic worlds.

Shaman's Dream Quartz is a name given to extremely high-grade Quartz found in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil, that contain incredible inner landscapes, made from natural inclusions of Lodolite, Green Chlorite, Kaolinite, and other natural earth elements. The combination of these elements create a powerful healing energy and and stunning inner landscapes that often look like mossy underwater gardens.

The name "Shaman's Dream" comes from the fact that these crystals are powerful facilitators of shamanic healing work and shamanic journeying, due to the combination of natural elements within.

Green Chlorite is a powerful purifier that is one of the mineral kingdom's strongest and deepest Heart Healers. It is known as a regeneration crystal, used to connect with high vibrational energies and entities, allowing one to vibrate in harmony with the Earth as well as the angelic realms.

Lodolite is a type of quartz with unique inclusions of many possible colors and types, and is often the element of Shaman's Dream crystals that give them the look of gardens, landscapes or underwater scenes. In this way, it gives us both a physical and energetic view into other worlds. Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness, harmonizing the higher vibrational energies of the aura/light body. It is a powerful journeying stone on its own, as well.

While both of these elements provide a path to other realms, they do so by also grounding the spirit and providing an anchor in the natural world so we may journey safely.

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