Exceptional Crystals, Rare Findings, and Shamanic Tools Crafted With Loving Intention

I established HanaqPacha in 2015 after years of apprenticeship in Peruvian shamanic healing and with plant medicines. Upon returning from an extended trip to Peru's Sacred Valley early in 2015, I realized how difficult it was to find well-made/fitted kuripes and tepis (snuff applicators) for hapé (shamanic snuff) administration, and so I began crafting them out of my Los Angeles home. What began as a small scale project for members of my shamanic community soon blossomed into a much larger scale business and HanaqPacha was born.

Since then, so much as evolved with HanaqPacha. In 2016, we began to expand our offerings to include a wide variety of healing crystals, focusing on (but not limited to) varieties from South America. To date, this selection has expanded to include crystals and rare gems from all over the world. Even while we are constantly evolving in this area, I am very proud to have curated what we feel to be one of the best and most unique selections of rare crystals and minerals around.

Over the years, we have also developed and cultivated close relationships with indigenous artisans from communities in Peru and Brazil, bringing in their handmade jewelry, rare incense resins, textiles from the Andean Mountains and the Amazon, and handcrafted tools along the way.

Perhaps most exciting is that, in 2019, we began our own line of cone incense (Humo de Flores) and in 2020, we released our own brand of handmade Agua de Florida, as well as our unique Agua de California, two fragrant room sprays that can be used in shamanic healing or energy clearing applications. Our line of ceremonial room sprays now includes SEVEN different varieties for an array of applications, both in ceremony and for everyday use.

Our hope is to continue to grow and offer those in the global shamanic community the finest shamanic tools to crafted with loving intention, as well as sacred and rare natural findings we come across along our travels.

Finally, it is worth noting that in 2017 I began my Somatic Healing practice (Somatic LA), and so my time is now split between seeing clients in the Los Angeles area (and beyond) and operating HanaqPacha. I also have my partner Amanda to thank for her immense support and invaluable help in making HanaqPacha what it is today.

Many thanks for your support,
Jon DeRosa

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